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Health Department of the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement Roanoke Church
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September 25, 2017 Event: Health lecture
How to Improve Your Brain Power
  • Learn specific ways to improve your brain function.
  • Learn what is the effect of media on your brain.
  • Discover how to improve your sleep.


June 13, 2017 Event: Health lecture
Beat Stress Succesfully
  • Discover the healing power of staying connected.
  • Learn how exercise can help you beat stress.
  • Discover which type of music is good for stress reduction.
  • Learn how having a forgiving spirit can help you to beat stress.
May 9, 2017 Event: Health lecture
Coping with Stress
  • Discover how you can better understand stress.
  • Discover the sources of stress in your life.
  • Learn how stress affects your health.
April 11, 2017 Event: Health lecture / Food Demo
Health Benefits of Spices
  • Spices—natural antibiotics and immune boosters.
  • Learn how to use spices to prevent and treat diseases.
  • Learn how to add healthy flavor to your food.
March 14, 2017 Event: Health lecture / Cooking Class
Identify and Replace Toxic Fats in Your Diet
  • Learn about toxic and healthy fats.
  • Can toxic fats push us toward Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Is cheese a healthy food?
February 14, 2017 Event: Health lecture / Cooking Class
Male and Female Brains: Harmony or Discord?
  • Husband’s & wife’s relationships and your health.
  • Avoiding needless stress.
  • Love 24/7 vs. once a year.
January 10, 2017 Event: Health lecture
Be ready for the cold season: Learn Hydrotherapy
  • Learn how to do hydrotherapy treatments to alleviate cold/flu symptoms, muscle sprains, and a sore throat.
  • Discover how to use fomentations for pneumonia, bronchitis and coughs.
  • These simple treatments can be done in the comfort of your home on yourself as well as your loved ones.
December 4, 2016 Event: Bread making cooking class by Milan Lasica
If you always wanted to bake healthy bread at home, but didn’t know quite where to start, here is your chance to learn:
• The history and importance of the wheat grain.
• Which is the best flour to use.
• Why we have a sensitivity to gluten.
• How to make healthy whole grain bread from scratch.
November 8, 2016 Event: Health lecture and Food demo
The Great Protein Myth
• How much protein is needed for life and health?
• What are the best protein sources?
• What are the consequences of eating too much protein?
October 11, 2016 Event: Health lecture and Food demo
How to Beat the Silent Killer
• Reduce risk factors of high blood pressure.
• Discover foods that can help optimize your blood pressure.
• Prevent and control blood pressure through lifestyle!
• Learn how to make delicious foods that lower blood pressure.
September 13, 2016 Event: Health lecture and demonstration
Just Juice It
• Learn how to make delicious juices for yourself and the family.
• Find which are the best juicers.
• Enjoy delicious juice samples.
May 10, 2016 Event: Health lecture
Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies
• Learn what are allergies?
• Find out what triggers seasonal allergies?
• Discover natural remedies that can fight and beat them.
April 12, 2016 Event: Health lecture
How to Get More Energy
• Does coffee give you energy?
• Hidden dangers of caffeine
• Truth about fatigue
• Energy drinks and depression
March 8, 2016 Event: Hands-on Cooking Class
Garden-to-Table Breakfast
• Learn the advantages of eating a healthy breakfast.
• Discover healthy and fun breakfast choices.
• Learn to make breakfast with no cholesterol or saturated fat.
February 9, 2016 Event: Movie Night and a Food Demo
• Learn how you can reverse lifestyle diseases with a plant-based diet.
• Follow the journey of several people who have switched from an animal-based diet to a plant-based diet.
• Find out the benefits of a plant-based diet from Dr. T. Colin Campbell of Cornell University and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn of the Cleveland Clinic.
January 12, 2016 Event: Health Lecture
The Use of Charcoal
• What is activated charcoal?
• Why is it a "must have" home remedy?
• Charcoal uses, benefits, and dosage.
• How to make charcoal poultices (demonstration)
December 8, 2015 Event: Health Lecture / Cooking Class
The Bitter Truth About Sugar
• Discover how sugar affects your body, brain and mood.
• Find out where are the hidden sources of sugar.
• Discover how you can overcome the sugar habit.
• Learn how to make simple healthy desserts.
November 10, 2015 Event: Health Lecture / Cooking Class
Happy and Healthy Holidays
• Discover how thankfulness can boost your immune system.
• Learn how to make a delicious and healthful holiday roast, bread stuffing and desserts.
• Discover simple tips for Holiday Meal Planning.
• Learn how to focus more on family and friends rather than food.
October 13, 2015 Event: Health Lecture
Prevention and Management of Diabetes
September 29, 2015 Event: Health Lecture
Understanding Your Blood Test Results
• Digits which deserve a close attention
• How to interpret your cholesterol panel?
• What the "blood sugar" may tell you about?
September 11, 2015 Event: Health Fair
Wellness Health Fair, 12 noon - 5 pm.
FREE Health Screenings: Harvard Fitness Testing, Anti-Stress Massage, Discover Your Health Age, Body Fat Analysis, Lung Function Analysis, Health and Wellness Counseling, Simple Home Remedies Demonstrations, Heart-Healthy Plant Based Food Demonstrations, Sampling and Recipes and more...

LOW COST Blood Panel - $45.00
45 blood tests includes: complete metabolic panel, cholesterol panel, complete blood count, uric acid, thyroid (TSH) - Testing performed by LabCorp.

Location: Salem Civic Center, 1001 Roanoke Blvd. Salem, VA 24153

Questions? Call Dr. Kremer at 303-884-3533
August 11, 2015 Event: Health Lecture
Your Body Needs Water
• Made of water
• The impact of hidden dehydration
• How much water you need per day?
• Choosing the best drink
July 14, 2015 Event: Health Lecture
How Much Protein Do You Really Need?
• Proteins—the body's building blocks
• The best source of protein
• How much meat do we need per week?
• How to be physically strong
June 9, 2015 Event: Health Lecture
All About Antioxidants
• Why we are getting old?
• How often do I need a glass of wine?
• Best food supplements
May 12, 2015 Event: Health Lecture
The Best "Antibiotics"
• Immune system—the body's special forces
• Infection or inflammation?
• What we need to know about antibiotics
April 14, 2015 Video  ▶ Event: Health Lecture
The Body-Mind Connection, Part 4
• What is disease?
• Chain of critical events
• Tips on body self-healing
March 10, 2015 Video  ▶ Event: Health Lecture
The Body-Mind Connection, Part 3
• What we need to know about stress
• The fight-or-flight principle
• Emotions which form my destiny
February 10, 2015 Video  ▶ Event: Health Lecture
The Body-Mind Connection, Part 2
• Food and emotions
• Appearance and aroma
• The impact of food on the brain
January 13, 2015 Video  ▶ Event: Health Lecture
The Body-Mind Connection, Part 1
• How our body organs are linked to the brain
• The placebo effect
• The physiology of faith
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